The World's Wisdom ... or Better Said ... FOOLISHNESS!

Recently I was given an article published in Good Housekeeping. Right away the title grabbed my attention: Why it feels so good to be just a little bit BAD! The opening words of the article made me want to read on . . . "Behaving badly, at least once in a while, can ease stress, put a smile on your face, and make your heart beat faster."  The article went on to list a number of guilt-free ways to misbehave. This week ... I will take a look at several of these and evaluate this advice in the light of the wisdom of God's Word.

1. Gossip: the next time an acquaintance does something selfish or unethical, spill every gnarly detail. 

The Bible is clear on this one. Gossip is wrong (see Proverbs 11:13; 26:20-22; Romans 1:28-29; 2 Corinthians 12:20)! And just what is gossip? It is the spreading of sensitive information (true or not) about another person with people who have no business knowing it. If we were all honest, we would all admit to gossipping (or listening to gossip). But this is something that we ought not to do! No one is better for it! So the next time an acquaintance does something selfish or unethical, pray for him or her. But don't go wagging your tongue to others!

2. Flirt with a man who's not your husband: Make eyes at the waiter when your husbands in the loo. Wink at the UPS guy. If you don't turn it on once in a while, you risk switching off permanently. 

Really? Flirting with a guy when you are married to another is a good thing? Seems to me this is how extra-marital affairs get started. One "innocent" flirtation leads to another ... which leads to another ... which leads to . . . !!!  If a wife (or husband for that matter) is going to stay true to her spouse, there is no way "flirting" in any way is going to strengthen that commitment. If one plays with fire often enough, eventually he or she will get burned! So ... you can chuck out this piece of advice with the first!

3. Spend the days in your PJ's: If the beds don't get made and the dishes don't get washed, the Earth will not crash into the sun. On the other 364 days of the year, including weekends, you are busy, busy, busy. You deserve a whole day of rest. 

OK. Just so you know that I am not all about bashing Good Housekeeping, I actually find some merit in this advice. The Bible does encourage rest (the 4th commandment is all about a day of rest). And in our busy and hectic society, all of us need to take some time out to just "chill!" We also need to be sure that when we take some time to slow down, that we spend some of that time cultivating our relationship with God (Mark 1:35; 6:31). But do me a favor. If you decide to spend the day in your PJ's, if you find that you must take a run to the store, PLEASE put on some clothes first!

More to come . . . and thanks for stopping by . . .

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AD said...

The title speaks the truth: It does feel good to act badly. If it didn’t, neither the ungodly nor the righteous would so often act “a little bit bad.” But I wonder if the article, in fact, answers the question it poses: Why? Why does sin feel so good? The desire for instant gratification was once a considered a weakness. In today’s America it is exalted . . . if it feels right, it must be right. The fruit of patience is scorned by the unjust and all too often overlooked by the just. Thank you, PJ, for reminding us that the Bible’s injunctions are for our benefit and that we are called to live by faith, trusting in the promises of God and patiently waiting for their fulfillment. How much brighter will the smiles on our faces ultimately be if we do so.

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