Friday Coffee with PJ

Time to grab that favorite brew (for me that means COFFEE!!!) and take a few moments to reflect on some random thoughts I have for you!

1. Christians are upset about the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning gay marriage . . . and rightly so! Jesus makes it clear that from the beginning God's design for marriage involves a man and a woman (Matthew 19:3-6). But Jesus also makes it clear that marriage is to be a permanent and intimate relationship. SO ... before we run off to write a letter to the editor, let's be sure to be giving our marriage the priority in our lives that it deserves and requires.

2. School bells were ringing this week as most of the school students in Lancaster County returned for yet another year of school. Now ... where did the summer go? September arrives in just two days - yet it seems just like yesterday that we were celebrating Mother's Day! Time has a way of racing by. I am reminded of that every time I hear a clock tick. With each tick, a second of time slips into the abyss of the past, never to be experienced again! Reminds me of James 4:14 in which James refers to our lives as a mist that is here today and gone tomorrow. So . . . all this means we must make the most of our time and invest it in things that will outlast us! How about YOU? Are you making the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:15-16). Are you striving to live your life for God and His purposes?

3. Finally ... here's a quote from Tony Evans that you might want to chew on: "Your ability to perceive divine truth is related to how much you want to know. If you are satisfied with a story here and a story there, a good feeling here and a good feeling there, you won't fully understand all that God has for you in His Word." (from his book, Returning to Your First Love). Hmmm. When you interact with God's Word whether reading or listening, do you come with a prepared heart ... a heart that says ... "Here am I, God, teach me YOUR way that I may walk in it!"?

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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