Friday Coffee with PJ

I trust you had a great time over the holidays in your gatherings with family and friends. Here are today's thoughts and enjoy your favorite cup of Joe!

1. Over the course of the past two weeks or so, I have received a number of death notifications (two yesterday). The most difficult and personal was the call from my niece telling me that my sister had unexpectedly passed away the day after Christmas. All these messages of death got me thinking about this part of the package we call life. We were not designed by God to deal with death. In fact, death was not part of the package of life until sin entered our world (Romans 5:12). Since we were never intended by our Creator to have to deal with death ... when it comes ... it hurts. And it hurts real bad! Thankfully, for those of us who have embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have as our constant companion the Comforter (i.e. Holy Spirit - John 14:16). As our helper, he comes alongside of us and offers to us the strength and encouragement that only God can give. So ... if you are grieving today, make sure to reach out and grab HIS hand and receive the peace that passes all understanding!

2. On a lighter note, a friend shared something that made me chuckle. She and  her young granddaughter were watching the Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When the film portrayed the sleeping Snow White, her granddaughter looked at her grandmother and said, "It's no wonder that Snow White slept so long. She must have been awfully tired after all that cleaning she had done!" Ohhhh ... out of the mouths of babes!  I hope as you journey through this new year with all of its ups and downs, that you will look for those moments that make us laugh. They surround us. But we must slow down and keep our eyes and ears open. Keep in mind that gladness is good for you (Proverbs 15:13)!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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