Friday Coffee with PJ

Grab your cup of Joe and join me for a few random thoughts that I hope will encourage you in some way.

1. The other morning I took a ministry friend out to breakfast. We had a great time talking about life and ministry as we enjoyed our breakfast fare (and for me that always includes a few cups of coffee!). When it came time to pay the bill, I reached for my wallet only to discover that I had not brought it with me! As visions of washing dishes began to haunt me (I worked in a restaurant, washing dishes, my senior year in high school), my friend offered to pay. Seeing me reluctant to accept his offer (after all, I told him it was "my treat"), the cashier, who was waiting patiently, told me that I could pay the next time I was in (now I must let you know that this is the restaurant which I frequent at least twice, if not more, times each week. She knew me ... and I knew her). With a sigh of relief, I accepted her offer (and did settle the account the very next morning!). Moral of this story .... DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR WALLET (or purse!). And if you do, don't attempt to buy anything! By the way ... isn't it great to know that when we arrive at the gates of heaven, we will not have to buy our way in? Praise God the price has already been paid in full by Jesus Christ!

2. I mailed some materials on dealing with grief and loss to my niece the other day (my sister and her mother died just after Christmas). Since my niece has a post office box, I had to use the postal service (UPS does not deliver to post office boxes). I used 2nd day priority mail. On the second day, I got on the USPS web site and entered the tracking number. I was shown the journey of the package ... but only so far. It never showed the fact that the package reached its destination. Why, I don't know. I am glad God does not track us in such a partial manner. His eye is ALWAYS upon us . . . and he knows exactly where we are and what we are doing. Now that can be quite comforting (when we are in need of his presence) OR it can be quite sobering (as when we are walking out of step with his way). But in either case, the knowledge that God is watching over us should cause us to live our lives differently than we might otherwise live!

3. Our International Day of Solidarity is fast approaching. I would encourage you to set aside some time to pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering so horribly in the Central African Republic. The violence continues as do the shortages of many of life's basic commodities. For more information on how you can pray, please check out this information and resources at Encompass World Partners (be sure to download the tip sheet on how to pray - the English version, of course!).

4. Finally, if you have yet to visit our Carpe Diem 2014 blog, I encourage you to do so. On Wednesday I posted a helpful article that deliniates the reasons as to WHY we MUST be in God's Word.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to SEIZE THE DAY!

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