Give Me More!

As I have reflected on my sister Bev's life (she passed away the day after Christmas), my mind traveled back to her days in high school. Bev was six years older than me, so when she was in high school I was still in elementary school. 

The year was 1966 (or there abouts!).  I was seated in the auditorium of John Harris High School attending the high school performance of Oliver Twist.  Now as an energetic ten year old who love to play football and ride a bike – I was not too happy about sitting in a high school auditorium for some stupid old musical – especially on a sunny Saturday afternoon!  But I was there because one of my older sisters bribed me to go along with her (her boyfriend had one of the lead roles – I believe he played the Artful Dodger).  Now for some reason I just can’t explain, this one line by Oliver stands out in my mind” “Please, Sir, I want some more.”  Maybe it’s because as a ten year old boy, I was always asking for more at supper (and breakfast and lunch and snack time and . . .).  I could relate to this hungry little boy who just wanted more to eat!

One of my prayers for me and for all of us here at Grace is that we would approach God as Oliver approached the person ladling out the food – asking God to give us more because we are hungry for Him and His Word.  Sometimes I hear people complain that they are not getting fed at church.  As I mentioned this past Sunday, I don’t see my job as that of spoon feeding anyone.  Rather, I see myself as the one ladling out the stew.  I place it on the plates of those who are listening.  Then it’s up to them to take the plate home and feed themselves.  How about YOU?  Do you truly hunger for God and His Word?  Are you asking Him for MORE?  Are you taking God’s Word and feeding yourself with its soul sustaining nourishment?  If you find your relationship with God and His Word somewhat stale – then begin today and PRAY.  Ask Him to give you a hunger and thirst for Him and His Word like you have never had before.  Pray it today. Pray it tomorrow.  Pray it next week.  Pray it for the rest of your life!  

Also, I invite  you to travel over to our Carpe Diem 2014 blog. Carpe Diem 2014 is a spiritual growth intitiative of Grace Church at Willow Valley. In this new year, we are seeking to SEIZE THE DAY as we strive to know and live God's Word. 

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