Friday Coffee with PJ

I usually really enjoy my morning cup(s) of coffee! But this week, with early morning temperatures hovering around the zero degree mark ... I have REALLY enjoyed my coffee! I invite you to pour yourself a cup and join me for some thoughts from here and there.

1. Thanks to all of you who prayed for me and my family last week. The memorial service for my sister, held down in Carthage, North Carolina, went very well. I believe my sister's life was celebrated as was the gospel. My wife put it right when she said, "Bev didn't have it easy in life, but she never let go of her faith." So in the midst of our sorrow, we were able to find comfort knowing that my sister's faith in Christ took her, on December 26th, to a place that is better by far than the best that this life has to offer. I hope YOU have the same faith in Christ as your savior. If you have any doubts or questions, please check out Two Ways to Live: The Choice We All Make.   In addition to last week's memorial service, we plan to conduct another in the Harrisburg area in late February or March. There are a lot of family and friends who could not travel to NC for last week's service. Again, if you prayed, THANK YOU!

2. So far so good with my Carpe Diem reading plan. I chose the plan that will take me through the Bible (and then some) in this year of 2014. If you have not yet joined us, it's never too late. Simply click on the words Carpe Diem above and that will take you to the blog where you will find all the info you need. Time is too short and opportunities too great to waste our lives in trivial pursuits. Let's SEIZE THE DAY by knowing and living God's Word!

3. Out of the mouths of "babes!" Last night, during the opening of our AWANA Sparks group (K-2nd grade), one of the leaders was informing the kids about next Wednesday's "Crazy Night." She encouraged them all to dress up crazy ... just another way to add some fun to the evening. Immediately one little boy raised his hand. When he was called on, here is what he said, "I can't participate. I don't like to wear anything crazy because I don't want to look crazy. I want to look awesome!" Now we chuckle at that, but he expressed what is in all of our hearts. This desire to look "awesome" before our friends, classmates, work colleagues, and neighbors. I mean, none of us want to come across looking like Joe Smo the town nerd ... right? Yet, instead of wanting to look "awesome," perhaps we need to focus on looking "like Jesus!" Because when you get right down to it, looking like Jesus is about as awesome as it gets!

Thanks for stopping by . . . and SEIZE THE DAY!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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