Transported Back in Time!

Old Main of PCB
1800 Arch Street
Last week as I was in my car heading somewhere ... can't remember where but it really does not matter ... I was listening to KYW news radio out of Philadelphia. I admit it is a habit of mine. A habit I picked up as freshmen attending Philadelphia College of Bible. At the time the school was located in center city, Philadelphia (in fact, for a several years the tag line of the school was "Philadelphia is our campus"). It was and I loved it. So I got in the habit of listening every day to get the latest Philadelphia news, WEATHER and sports (I got so into listening to KYW that when Sharon and I honeymooned on the beach in North Carolina, I was thrilled to discover that I could pick up KYW at night ... even from that distance ... and if you don't believe me, you can ask my wife!). I know that might make me a bit odd, but what is odd for one person is perfectly normal for another!  :)

Now back to my story. Last week on KYW I heard the news that Comcast was going to build a new headquarters in Philadelphia. Seems like they are outgrowing the headquarters they built not that long ago. Their new HQ is going to be the country's tallest building outside of New York and Chicago. But that is not what grabbed my attention. What made me turn and stare at the radio (not recommended while driving, by the way!) is the location in center city where this mammoth  tower was to be built: 1800 Arch Street! Now that probably means nothing to you ... but to me it meant much! For it was at 1800 Arch Street that I spent much of four years of my life. You see, that was the location of PCB's Old Main. This building housed the school cafeteria, library, chapel, several classrooms and some dorm rooms. So I spent a lot of time eating, reading, worshipping and learning in that building. Oh ... and as a school security guard, I spent many a night walking the quite hallways as I made my night rounds.

Old Main was demolished shortly after the college relocated to suburban Bucks County. Since that time it has been one very large parking lot. But now, with this news, in just a couple of years it will be the site of one very tall building.

As I reflected on the news, I thought of my college years. Years that I grew by leaps and bounds in my faith journey as I studied God's Word. Years of forming friendships that last to this year, the most precious being the friendship (and more!) that I enjoy after 35 plus years of marriage to my college sweetheart!

All this to say ... it never hurts to pause and take a look back. And as you do, look particularly at those "God moments" in your life where you can see the unmistakable hand of God guiding your steps!

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