In the End . . .

Sharon and I watched a movie this week about a group of British pensioners who decided, independently of one another, to retire in India. Now having been to India three times, I always enjoy watching movies filmed in India. It brings back a lot of ... mostly good ... memories!

In this particular film, one of the main characters (the Indian owner of the hotel where these pensioners go to live), quotes the following old Indian saying ..."It will be all right in the end, and if it is not all right then it's not the end."  After the movie was over, my wife discussed it (as we typically do). I pointed out to her that, for the follower of Jesus, that old Indian saying is right on! It's true! And after spending several months studying the book of Revelation, I believe it more firmly than ever. That in "the end" for me and anyone else who chooses Christ over this world, it will be "all right!"  Now ... right now ... things are often NOT "all right." And this should not in any way surprise us nor discourage us! Jesus himself cautioned us that in this world we would face difficulty. But even in those tough times, Jesus told us to take courage ... for he had overcome the world (John 16:33). This was His way of saying, "in the end, it will be all right!"

How about you? Have you chosen to follow Jesus? Then don't sweat this life for IN THE END IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT .... AND IF IT IS NOT ALL RIGHT ... THEN IT IS NOT THE END! 

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