So ... Who Made You?

The intensity of the debate concerning the origins of humanity and the universe rises and falls. Right now it appears that the discussion has quieted down ... at least in my small corner of the world. But that could (and undoubtedly will) change tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

This week a friend passed on a book to me. It's title grabbed my attention: A Closer Look at the Evidence.The book offers up what it claims to be "incredible evidence for the existence of our Creator." It does so in a very easy-to-read format. Each day of the year, a brief reading is given which highlights a certain nugget of evidence for creationism. I spent a bit of time looking over the book and must say, I was impressed with what I read. Here is a brief excerpt from June 7th's reading which is under the heading, "Common Sense." 

"Evolutionists say that human beings, "evolved" from simple cells entirely by random-chance processes. Man's understanding and use of technology (tool-making, electronics, aeronautics, and the principles of science)are also said to be "evolving." 

When the word "evolving" is used with technology, it means improvements that are planned, carefully worked out, and implemented using intelligent guidance. When the word "evolution" is used in biology, however, it shifts meaning in order to deny any planned or intelligent design. Common sense shows that life simply does not form or advance in this way. In reality, it is deceiving to use the same word to mean something which is perfectly logical and then, with no warning or disclaimer, shift the meaning to support something based on faith that actually contradicts the observations" (emphasis from text).

The reading offers up Proverbs 14:7-8 as the Scripture for that day's reading. Seems appropriate to me!

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