We Are All Beggars!

The J.I. Packer Classic Collection is a delightful book that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to find some encouragement for their faith journey with Christ. Concerning this book, Jerry Bridges, bestselling author of such gems as Respectable Sins, The Pursuit of Holiness and Trusting God, writes, "I have been a fan of J.I. Packer and his writings for almost fifty years and have read most, if not all, of his books. Therefore, I am delighted to see the 'best of J.I. Packer' being made available in one volume."  And Eugene Peterson, translator for the popular Bible version, The Message, adds, "Always wise, always reverent, J. I. Packer's words can be depended on to provide accurate guidance to our responses to Jesus and Scripture. A truly classic theologian." This book is a great addition to anyone's library!

Today I read the following challenging words from Packer's pen:

"Martin Luther's last written words were 'We are all beggars. That is true.' Two days later he died. He was right, of course. If we think of ourselves as achievers, creators, reformers, innovators, movers and shakers, healers, educators, benefactors of society in any way at all, we are at the deepest level kidding ourselves. We have nothing and have never had anything that we have not received, nor have we done anything good apart from God who did ti through us. In ourselves we are destitute, bankrupt, and impotent, totally dependent on God in every respect. This is true, as Luther constantly insisted, with regard to the pardon of our sins and the justification of our person. And it is equally true of life, health, food, clothing, a job, a home, a family, a car, a bank balance in the black, and every other good thing that comes our way. So before God's throne we are all beggars, and begging good gifts from God is what petitionary prayer is all about." 

Wow! Right on Martin and J.I.! Now let's be sure to spend some time begging today!

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