Thursday A La Carte

Here are this week's a la carte offerings ... Enjoy!

1. I really appreciate hearing from people that they are praying for me. If you would like to pray for me (or for your pastor), here are some excellent thoughts on how you could pray in a way that will result in God being honored and His kingdom being advanced!

2. One of the most influential books written for women in the past decade is the John and Staci Eldridge book, Captivating. I have read portions of the book and found what I read to be lacking for biblical support. Here is a very well written review of the book (written by a woman) that points out the book's most glaring error.

3. Here is the trailer for Steven Spielberg's new film, Lincoln,due to hit the screen in November. As huge history buffs, my wife will definitely be seeing this (Note: My wife's nephew plays the role of a Confederate soldier ... even if it is a dead Confederate soldier! I wonder if we will even be able to pick him out!).

4. R.C. Sproul weighs in on the question, Are We Too Concerned about Demons? 

5. On a lighter note . . . 

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