Monday, Monday!

Here's one of the hit songs I used to listen to as a tweenager, Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas (check out Mama Cass' boots!). The group released the song in 1966 and it proved to be their only #1 hit.

I can relate to the opening line of the song, "Monday, Monday .... So good to me!" That is certainly how I feel about Mondays!  As much as I enjoy Sunday's (my favorite day of the week!), Monday is a welcome arrival. I am usually ready for a day of rest (which, for me, Sunday is NOT!). So in addition to doing a few chores around the house and maybe running a couple of errands ... I am sure to get some quiet time with God AND some quality time with my wife.

Yesterday my wife and I drove down to Sandy Cove Ministries. We took our own chairs and set up shop overlooking the bay. It was quiet around the cove and the weather was superb!  It was everything my wife and I hoped it would be.

All of us need to do this from time to time (Mark 6:31) ... to unplug from our digital world and get apart (lest we fall apart as a 20th century preacher liked to quip!). I hope you are marking the effort to unplug!

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