Friday Coffee with PJ

Friday means ..... COFFEE!!!! Well, at least for me. Of course, any day is coffee day for me! :) Here are
some random thoughts for you to "chew on!"

1. With all the talk of the government shutdown and the debt ceiling (and I hope, since I am writing this on Wednesday that these things will be settled by the time this post goes "live!"), I am grateful for two things. First, that heaven will never "shut down!" Our God, who is on his throne is still ruling from that throne and will always do so. If you need a good reminder of this, take some time and read through the book of Revelation. Circle each time the word "throne" appears. You will be encouraged, I am sure! Secondly, I thank God that there is no debt ceiling on what Christ's sacrifice will pay in regard to the debt of our sin. Every single sin we have ever or will ever commit has been totally paid for! Praise God for his AMAZING grace!

2. The situation in the Central African Republic continues to be bad .... especially for Christians (see World Magazine dispatch on how Islamists are continuing to target Christians). Please pray for our brothers and sisters in this impoverished, war-torn country. And pray specifically for my friend, Augustin Hibaile and his family. Thanks!

3. Here is a great quote that I ran across recently that should bring much encouragement to your heart and soul. It is from Michael Chase's book, Behold Our Sovereign God: All Things From Him, Through Him, and To Him.

"The reason for keeping the cross central is this hope: if God ordained the worst evil to bring about the greatest good, then lesser evils are not beyond his decree or his ability to work good from them." 

Amen! Well said ... let's always keep this truth in mind. Especially when the tough times roll!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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