Thursday A La Carte

Here are this week's a la carte menu items. "Eat hearty!"

1. For those of us who like to complain about our lives ... perhaps we need to take a look at this brief video and read the accompanying article. 

2. We spend so much time communicating ... either in person, over the phone, via email or texting. So, what does the Bible have to say about how we communicate? Check out the answer to that question here!

3. Kevin DeYoung with, A Friend of Sinners and Not a Friend of Sin. A good read!

4. Ed Welsh weights in on the Secret to Dealing with Fear and Anxiety. 

5. I like what Kathleen Nielson has to say about grandparenting in her article, Grandparenting: A Great Road Trip. 

6. And on a lighter note (especially for you Hobbit fans out there!) . . .

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