Friday Coffee with PJ

Due to being away the first three days of this week at our fellowship of churches, East Focus Retreat (held in Ocean City, MD - click on link for photos of which I am in a couple), I have no random thoughts to share with you this week. In fact my only thought is that I have to get a sermon ready ... because it's Friday and Sunday's coming! But ... here is a quote for you from Pastor Tim Hodge of Grace Family Church in New Holland, PA.  "Chew" on this as you begin later today to enjoy a (I trust) well-deserved weekend break from your job!

"While happiness is desirable, holiness is essential. There will be times when you feel like Elijah in the desert seated under the broom tree lamenting of your lonely stance. Know that in the times when you feel at your worst, God is working at his best" (Tim Hodge).

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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