No Unanswered Calls in Heaven!

The other day, my wife Sharon and I ran some errands together. After pulling into the shopping center's parking lot, I headed to the pharmacy to fill a prescription and she to the grocery store. Since I was just planning to drop my prescription off and pick it up the next day, I told her I would quickly catch up with her in the supermarket. But that changed when the pharmacy tech told me that they could have my prescription filled in just ten minutes or so. Deciding I would rather wait than make a trip back the next day, I reached for my cell phone to call my wife. All I was able to get was her voice mail. "She didn't bring her cell phone!" was the thought that ran through my mind ... and sure enough ... that's exactly what happened. All this reminded me of another account (true story!) of an unanswered cell phone.

One spring, a family was driving to Florida. They decided to drive through the night. Mom took a cat nap early on while Dad drove. When it came her turn to drive about 2 AM or so, they stopped to gas up. Mom also took the opportunity to purchase a large cup of coffee. Sure enough – the coffee really PERKED her up. She had no problem staying awake and alert at the wheel. As the sky began to brighten with the dawn's first light, her empty stomach reminded her that an early breakfast was in order. So she woke up the kids and told them to wake up Dad in the back of the van. A few moments later, one of her kids responded, “Mom, Dad is not back here!”  It seems that Dad was about 200 miles behind, still at the gas station where they stopped. And since Mom had her cell phone off – he could not get a hold of her!  

Friends, even though we may fail to answer the calls people place to us (either by choice or by not having our phones on or even with us) - there is SOMEONE who will never fail to answer when we call. That's right. God has promised in his word that when we call to him he will answer ... always and forever (Matthew 7:7-11; John 15:7; 1 John 5:15). Now that answer may not be the one we are looking for ... but since he always knows what's best, we need to learn to accept his answers with faith, believing them to be for our good and for his glory. So, the next time you pray to God, be assured he hears you AND he will answer you - all in accord with his infinite wisdom, power and love! 

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