The House that Mickey Built

"It all started with a mouse." Words spoken by the founder of the Disney empire, Walt Disney (hear for your self in this brief video clip):

Looking at all that Disney has become, it is hard to believe that Walt's early ventures included bankruptcy and failure. But thanks to this mouse named Mickey, Walt's last name has become magical to kids of all ages.

Last week, my wife and I spent a week at Disney World along with our oldest daughter and family. Prior to this visit, my experience at Disney had been a four hour visit to the Magic Kingdom while on chorale tour during spring break of my freshman year (when the Magic Kingdom WAS Disney World!). We also spent a full day at Magic Kingdom in the early 1990's with our children. So spending all that time at Disney was a real eye opener ... and a boat-load of fun!

The sheer size of the place astounded me! Did you know that Disney World covers over 30,000 acres? And did you know that Disney World employs over 60,000 people making it the country's largest single-site employer? And speaking of people, over 40 million visitors enter the Disney theme parks each year! And to think this all started with a mouse!

But as great as this "house that Mickey built" might be ... the Scripture speaks of a far greater house. In Hebrews 3:1-5, the writer makes reference to "God's house" which he goes on to identify as the church of Jesus Christ. This house, my friends, built by God himself upon the blood of His own Son and our Savior, is not yet complete. When God nails the final shingle on the roof, so to speak, his "house" will gloriously shine long after the house that Mickey built has crumbled into dust.

I am so thankful that God has seen fit to set his love upon me and call me into his household! How about you? When the magic of Disney is long done, where will you be spending eternity? I know that's a heavy question ... but it is an urgent one. One that you must face, seeing that all of us will one day die and after that face judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

I encourage you to check out Two Ways to Live: A Choice We All Face.

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