Life Boringly Ordinary?

In the first chapter of his book, Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Churches, author James Hamilton writes these compelling words:

"We have been lulled to sleep by the ordinariness of our lives. Our senses have been dulled by the humdrum of one day after another. We need to see God as he is. We need to be convinced that Jesus is reigning as the risen King. We need to have him speak to the situation in our churches. We need to know that God is right now on his throne, in control in Heaven, worshiped by myriads upon myriads of the heavenly host. We need to see the way that God will pulverize wickedness, obliterate those who oppose him, and set up his kingdom. The Book of Revelation has exactly what we need."

If you find yourself being "lulled to sleep by the ordinariness of your life," then you need to pick up your Bible, open to Revelation, the Bible's final book. In this book of tomorrow, you will find much hope for today. And if you really want to dig deeper as you read, check out this online commentary. 

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