Talk that Drains!

Sometimes what I read in the newspaper makes me laugh – or cry – or both.  Other times I find myself grimacing, as when I read the following: "Some psychological experts say folks who whine and complain all the time can suck the energy and health out of those around them." Come now.  Do we really need psychological experts to tell us that?  All of us know people whose native tongue is whine-ish or gripe-eese.  Spend enough time around these people and when you walk away you feel like you’ve been run over by a bus (or at the very least a large SUV!). So when we see these people coming our way, we usually do our best to duck out of their way! But I think we can learn a valuable lesson from the whiners and gripers in our lives.

When we  talk, we must watch the tone and content of our words.  Negative talk (griping, complaining, sarcasm, etc.) will tend to discourage and dishearten those who hear (ala the bus or large SUV).  On the other hand, positive talk (kind, thankful, encouraging, etc.) will build up those who hear.  Let’s purpose to be a blessing to those around us today.  But this is not easy.  Our tongues seem more prone to grumble than express thanks.  We need help.  In fact, we need supernatural help – and lots of it.  So let’s get in the habit of praying the following to God each day “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips” (Psalms 141:3).  It is so easy to be negative, isn’t it?  That’s why we need His help!

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