A Valuable Reminder from Playing Wiffle Ball!

Starting back on Monday, January 7th and continuing each Monday evening through March 18th, men of our church gathered to play wiffle ball. I made about four of those nights. Each and every time I played, I found myself limping for several days. Pain from playing wiffle ball? Yep! Pain! And at times it was intense pain! Why? Well ... when you get to playing a game that you played all the time as a kid ... you begin to play like a kid and forget that you are not a kid anymore (are you with me?). As a result, my body was in a recovery mode most of the past two months (I never played games on two consecutive weeks!).

All this reminds me of an important biblical truth.  Galatians 6:7 tells us that we will “reap what we sow.” My "post game" soreness was a result of my "in game" actions.  Friends, this is something we cannot afford to forget.  Every choice we make and every act we perform has consequences.  So let’s strive to sow godly choices and Christ-like acts so that we can reap consequences that will glorify our God and advance His kingdom!

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