Friday Coffee with PJ

Well ... hard to believe it's Friday already ... but here are some thoughts for you to enjoy with your coffee (or tea if you must!) . . .

1. Five years ago last week, a small team began working on a prototype that has evolved into what we know today as "Twitter." And just how much has Twitter grown since its inception? Well, during the past month, Twitter has seen 460,000 new accounts established PER DAY! Even the new Pope got into tweeting with his first tweet, "HABEMUS PAPAM FRANCISCUM"" which means, "We have Pope Francis."  I have an account and do tweet some (setfreebytruth is my Twitter name). I also use Twitter as a source of news information and faith inspiration. If you are not twittering ... I would encourage you to do so. It is one way to "stay in touch." 

2. On the other hand, social media is no substitute for personal, face-to-face contact. Yet, with all the facebooking, tweeting, texting, emailing going on in our digital age, I really believe we are losing out on how to develop and maintain rich personal relationships. Tim Challies wrote a book work reading titled, The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion that is worth a serious read! The trailer for the book does a great job pointing out the dangers of digital communication (in a humorous way). So ... the next time you are at home with your family and are tempted to check your email ... DON'T. Instead, enjoy some "face time" (the REAL "Face Time!") with those you love. You (and they) will be better for it! 

Thanks for stopping by . . . and thanks for your prayers this week as we wrap up our Grace Board meetings later today. 


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Friday Coffee with PJ

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