Friday Coffee with PJ

Thanks for joining me for some more random thoughts to chew on while you drink your morning "Joe!".

1. It was a lot of fun watching the weather forecasting community attempt to cover up their total miss on this past Wednesday's forecast. Projected snow accumulations for our area ranged from 4 to 10 inches. Some even mentioned the possibility of a foot of the white stuff. But at the end of the day ... my front yard was no different in color than at the start of the day. I will say ... shoveling my driveway was never easier!  This missed forecast is just a reminder that in spite of all of our technology and knowledge ... we are still limited human beings. We can make some educated projections about the future (and really, the weather guys are usually right, at least in the short term forecasting department), but there is only ONE who is able to predict the future -- and HE is God! I am so glad that when I read the Scripture that talks of the future, I do not have to worry that it may or may not happen. If God says it will ... it will. No doubt about it! 

2. This morning I sighted the first robins in our neighborhood. The past few years, I always spotted the first robins in February. Not sure why it wasn't until March 7th this year. But ... I am not complaining. That is a sure sign that spring is not far away! And I am all for spring! Bring on the warmer weather!  Amen and Amen!

3. Even though the turbulence in the Central African Republic has settled down, the issues that led rebels to nearly topple the current government are far from resolved. Please pray for my friend, Agustine Hibaile and his family. Pray for safety. But most of all, pray for open doors of ministry for Augustine as he seeks to bring the light of Jesus Christ into the highest levels of government (click here for more info on his ministry, the Center International for the Development of Ethical Leaders ... a.k.a. CIDEL).

4. Next week is another milestone for me. I will hit my 57th birthday. My wife asked me how I felt about that. Hmm . . . well, there's the sore heel of my right foot, the chronic pain in my neck, the off and on stiffness of my fingers - and I am sure I am just getting started with all that goes along with the aging process. I recently read one nationally known pastor say that he thought old age was a gift from God. For the older we get ... the less firm our grip becomes on THIS life and we are much more prone to look forward to the NEXT! Hmm .... I think he's onto something there!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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