Friday Coffee with PJ

This morning ... some more random topics to "dunk" in your morning coffee . . .

1. Isn't it easy to practice "Monday morning quarterbacking?" Far too often I find myself being critical of someone else and how they do things or handle certain situations. Lately, when I catch myself doing this, I remind myself that I am not walking in their shoes and therefore must be careful in making judgment calls that very well may be far from the truth. After all, I do not know all that particular person is facing in his or her life at that moment. When Jesus warns us in Matthew 7:1, "Judge not, lest you be judged," I think this sort of scenario was one that he probably had in mind (among others).

2. I don't really follow college basketball. But I did notice that Penn State beat Michigan on Wednesday night. In fact, it was the prominent story on both ESPN's and CBSSPORTSLINE's college basketball websites yesterday morning. Why so newsworthy? Thus far this season, State had lost 14 consecutive Big Ten Conference games. With the season almost over, it was looking more and more like PSU would finish the season without a single win within the conference. And so after the team knocked off Michigan on Wednesday ... it is no wonder that the fans stormed onto the floor in a wild post-game celebration. Now what made this such big news is that Michigan came in to State College with a 23-4 season record. They were also ranked as the fourth best college team in the entire nation. Many were projecting them to be a #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament. Wednesday night's loss may very well change that! This was indeed a situation of David slaying Goliath! No one gave the Nittany Lions a chance to win the game. Yet they did! This reminds me of the reality that all of us face certain "Goliaths" in our lives. And all of us, with God's help, can slay them as well (Philippians 4:13)! So press on in faith - no matter how huge the obstacles are that may lay in your path!

3. Today I turned the calendar. It is now March 1st, which is the first day of meterological spring. However, the forecast into next week looks nothing like spring! But, I will not despair because I knows the weather will finally at some point catch up with the season - and that's good news, because I just love spring time! Why? After the long, cold, dark months of winter, I so enjoy feeling the warm sunshine and gentle breezes of spring. I also delight in watching all of nature come back to life. It reminds me of THE holiday of spring: Easter. Easter, of course, is the holiday on which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Brutally executed. Laid in a tomb. But now ALIVE! And because he lives, we too will live (John 11:25-26). So as you watch nature come back to life across the course of the next number of weeks, allow that to remind you of the greatest return to life ever recorded in human history - and rejoice that we serve, love, worship a LIVING Savior!

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