Don't Focus on Don'ting ... Focus on Doing!

I like to read.  I always have.  From my days of Dick and Jane and Dr. Seuss to the present, books (and all sorts of other reading material) and I have been on very friendly terms.  When I read, I am always looking for what I call “a golden nugget.” Today, while reading an article by John Piper – I mined one.  Piper was writing about ten lessons he had learned from his father.  

Here is his Lesson #6: “A Christian is a great doer not a great don’ter.”  Piper went on to write the following about this lesson: “We were fundamentalists – without the attitude.  We had our lists of things.  But that wasn’t the main thing. God was the main thing. And God was worth everything."

I wish every Christian would have the opportunity to read those words.  Far too many of us live out our faith with an emphasis on the “don’ts” and give little thought to the “do’s”.  All of us need to be reminded that as we live this life – God is the main thing.  And, in the words of Piper, He is indeed “worth everything!” (Psalm 73:25).   

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