God At Work in the Midst of a Crisis!

Augustine and wife, Marie-Helene
I hope you have continued to pray for the ongoing crisis in the Central African Republic. This week there are some signs* that some stability is returning. However, the situation is far from where it needs to be. As recently as last week I received a travel advisory sent out from the U.S. State Department which warned Americans AGAINST traveling to the C.A.R. So ... please continue to pray for the restoration of peace and the ministry of the gospel as there are many Christians there.

Today, I received an email from Augustine Hibaile (in photo). In this email, he describes an amazing blessing of God in the midst of the upheaval. I encourage you to visit the Friends of CIDEL website and read this story (if need by, scroll down to the MAY 16th posting). Praise God that HE is still at work in that impoverished war torn country!

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* These promising signs include the following:

  • The Minister of Defense is starting to round up Seleke rebels and sending them to large camps far away from Bangui to be disarmed.
  • The Minister of Education was on the radio this Monday encouraging parents to allow their children to return to school next week.
  • PHC has an announcement running on the Radio Bangui telling all PHC children to report back to school starting next week (May 20th) and how happy we will be to welcome them back!!!!!!!!!!
  • People are starting to feel safe enough to venture out to plant their fields.
  • We have heard of NO PHC ORPHAN OR WIDOW who has been harmed throughout this ordeal.  The only incident has been Teacher Flavie, who, in answer to our prayers together, is recovering nicely from being accidentally shot last month. 

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