Thursday A La Carte

This feature is back this week after several weeks "off!"  Even my blog needs a vacation from time to time!

1. When you face conflict in your relationships ... here are some good suggestions on how to fight like a Christian. 

2. Did you ever wonder what a week of groceries looks like in different countries around the world? Check it out here! (take a close look and compare the US pic to those from the other parts of the world!).

3. Here's a solid read on the struggle to trust God with the salvation of our kids. 

4. Ahhh ... heaven will be worth the wait! Check out R.C.Sproul's devotionaly, No More Tears. 

5. Did you ever have a dream that you were convinced had some sort of hidden meaning for your life? Check out these thoughts from Ed Welch on dreams. 

6. On a lighter note . . . (in honor of all you moms out there!)

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