How Healthy Am I? (Part 6)

We are almost to the final question (which I will post, Lord willing, next week!). I trust you are finding this exercise of self-evaluation to be profitable!

6.  Do I have a heart for the harvest?

Jesus in John 4 said these words to his disciples … "Do you not say, 'Four months more and then the harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." (John 4:35)

Jesus tells us to open our eyes and look at the fields for they are ripe and ready to be harvested!  And he was not talking about fields of wheat – but the fields of humanity!  It is so vital that we do so! Why? Because the eternal destinies of people are at stake, that's why! 

There was a small plane with four people on board: the pilot, a genius, a pastor and a boy scout. During the flight one of the engines caught fire and the plane started to go down. Now the problem was there were only three parachutes. The pilot realizing he could not save the plane … grabbed one of the chutes and jumped out. The genius grabbed another and said before bailing out “I am the world’s smartest man. This world needs what I have to offer” and then out he went. The pastor told the boy “I lived a long and fulfilling life .. you have most of your life ahead of you. You take the last chute and save yourself.”  The scout answered, “Don’t worry rev. The world’s smartest man just bailed out with my backpack!” 

In a very real sense our world is going down in flames. And people are putting their hope in the backpacks of works, merit, possessions and power. But the only true parachute that can save is Jesus Christ and faith in his sacrifice on the cross for our sins! Jesus has commissioned us, His followers to get this urgent message out! So, how involved are you in bringing in the harvest?  Ask yourself – Do I have a heart for the harvest?

Let me suggest yet another prayer …

O Lord,
Please give me eyes for the harvest and a heart for evangelism so that I will long to see the people I love come into a saving relationship with You through the merits and grace of Your Son, Jesus Christ. May I be involved in the harvest as a worker who prepares the soil, plants the seed of Your word, cultivates the soil, and waits for Your harvest.

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